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May 15, 2009

Introducing a new blog in the ChannelAdvisor Family... Amazon Strategies

Hey everyone - Scot Wingo here.  I'm excited to announce to Searchmarketing.com readers that we've added a new sister blog to our family - Amazon Strategies.  We'll be covering selling on Amazon, which we think of as a marketplace @ CA, in detail.

This will be the only time we probably cross-post here, so be sure to subscribe to that feed if it's of interest to you.  With 91m active-buyers and new PPC programs like ProductAds for those that don't want to 'sell on' Amazon, more and more retailers are taking a look at Amazon.

To recap the various areas you can read ChannelAdvisor's thoughts on ecommerce channels:
  • eBay Strategies - News, analysis and strategies for optimizing your sales on eBay.
  • Amazon Strategies - Our newest blog, focused on advanced amazon strategies for ProMerchant, ProductAds, FBA, CBA, etc.
  • CSE Strategies - Everything related to Comparison Shopping Engines.  There's more coming in 2009 for CSEs than any time I've seen in the last year - stay tuned here.
  • SearchMarketing.com - We have a team of paid-search geniuses at ChannelAdvisor that spend day and night optimizing search marketing campaigns for hundreds of top retailers.
  • Blog.channeladvisor.com - Product-related thoughts from some of our top engineers, product managers and services folks at ChannelAdvisor.
  • Strategy and Support Center  - For our customers, we provide even more in-depth strategy and channel details in the SSC (new beta is out check it out!)   

Oh yeah - almost forgot - we're kicking off Amazon Strategies with a post that is intented to answer the FAQ we keep getting: How big is Amazon Prime?   You can go direct to that post here.


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